There are 40 co-curricular Clubs and Societies ranging from Football to Chess, Photography to Rugby, Islamic Fine Arts to Travelling, with plenty of other mainstream and more unique options in between. Pupils (especially in the Fifth Form) are put in charge of running societies, developing their own interests and taking the responsibility of leading activities with their juniors as well as with peers. All pupils in SAS will take part in at least three co-curricular activities. There are also 10 specialised School Teams. The members consist of students selected  to compete in national and international competitions in the chosen fields.

As a prestigious school, one of SAS’s main goals is to have an outstanding co-curricular programme which is capable of attaining success in all levels- state, national and international.

Pupils’ compulsory co-curricular activities consist of three categories: Sports, Clubs and Societies, and Uniformed Units.

Every Wednesday, pupils will take part in their chosen co-curricular activities.

The wide array of activities is crucial for the pupils to be able to hone both soft and hard skills that will surely benefit them in the next stage of their lives.

No Sports Clubs and Societies Uniformed Units Specialised Teams
1 Archery

Geography and Environmental  Society Taekwondo Robotic Lego

2 Rugby Astronomy and Mathematics Club Silat Gayung Robotic Vex
3 Hockey Malay Language Society Silat Cekak Mathematics Olympiad
4 Basketball

English Language Society Wind Orchestra and Brass Band

English Drama
5 Badminton

Science and Innovation Club Scouts

Bahasa Melayu Debate

6 Rowing and Water Sports Art Preservation Club Kadet Bersatu Malaysia

English Language Debate
7 Cricket Islamic Arts Club Kadet Remaja Sekolah

8 Soccer and Futsal

ASPNet UNESCO and Foreign Language Club

Fire Brigade Tennis
9 Chess

Rukun Negara Club Police Cadets Golf
10 Petanque Photography and Documentation Club Red Crescent Malaysia

11 Volleyball Hiking Club

12 Table Tennis Visual Arts Club  
13 10-Pin Bowling Counselling Club  
14 Sepak Takraw Consumer’s Club  
15 Squasy

Music Club