Perjumpaan atas talian antara Sekolah Alam Shah dengan Kokusai Gakuin. Ini merupakan perjumpaan atas talian yang pertama iaitu pada 28 Julai 2020. Topik Perbincangan ialah ‘Life During the Pandemic’.

Satu perjumpaan atas talian telah diadakan antara SAS dan Kisarazu College pada 6 Nov 2020. Topik Perbincangan: Rice.

Satu perjumpaan atas talian telah diadakan antara Sekolah Angkat (Sister School) Sekolah Alam Shah iaitu Kokusai Gakuin Junior dan Senior High School, Saitama, Jepun.
Topik perbincangan pada kali ini ialah mengenai perubahan cara hidup sepanjang pandemik Covid-19 di Malaysia dan Jepun.
Pelajar Jepun bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris manakala pelajar SAS bertutur dalam Bahasa Jepun.

SAS and SIF Al Fikri, Depok, Indonesia

The collaboration for both schools started in 2010. The students and teachers participated in the Forest Is For Us Program and planted 2 trees in SAS. Since then, both schools have hosted students and teachers annually organised by the SAS ASPNet Unesco Club.

SAS and St. Michael’s Senior High School Affiliated to Kobe International University, Kobe (SMSHS)
Its collaboration has a long history back to 1989. It started with annual half-day school visits from SMSHS and interactive activities with the Japanese Language students and teachers of SAS. After a few years, SMSHS started sponsoring 2 students for a 2 weeks-homestay program in Kobe yearly. The collaboration developed further when SAS began the homestay program in 2008.

SAS and Kokusai Gakuin Junior and Senior High School (KGS) in Saitama, Japan
Collaborations started in 2012. Both schools were active in the ASEF School Projects (Asia Europe Classroom Network) and over the years have developed a strong bond through annual homestay and immersion programs.

SAS and The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur
SAS and The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur (JSKL) have been in the strong association since 2001 and are linked with several activities in a year. Both schools take turns to host the Annual Intercultural Understanding Program for the students in Form 1 and Form 2. SAS students are also invited to join the Bon Odori Festival dance with JSKL students annually. SAS also obliges in the Faculty Visits by teachers of JSKL. Beside academic programs, SAS also takes part in the basketball competition organised by JSKL every year.